Today is February 15, 2019 -

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Women’s Club News

Seven women gathered on Sunday, January 12, 2019 to discuss the book Witness by Ruth Gruber. It was a chilly 19 degrees, but it was a very sunny day.

Our summary of Ruth, who was about 90 when she wrote this book, was that she was able to see the uplifting part of a crisis. She always seemed to find the humanity in the people who were going through terrible things. She was courageous and fearless. She was the youngest women to earn a PhD. at the time. Other words we used to describe her were open hearted, smart, adventurous, and small in stature. She was gutsy and had amazing journalistic and photography skills. These bold qualities seemed to be balanced with tact and an engaging personality. The photographs were the strength of the book. She frequently understated the violence or stated it succinctly as a matter of fact. Surprisingly, few of us had ever heard of her before.

We jumped off from the amazing life of Ruth Gruber to discuss the current immigration status concluding that people don’t like change. We seem to be in the midst of a culture clash with violence possible between different groups of American citizens of different cultural backgrounds. However, we thought that immigrants over the century have contributed to the United States in many specific positive ways.

Our discussion and summary of Ruth’s book generated several questions. We wondered how her photographs were received at the time? Did the general population know of her work?

The next Women’s Club meeting will be on Sunday, February 10th. The Women’s Club invites the entire congregation to attend this meeting. It will be Sargent Eric Berger from the Oneonta Police Department with a program on ways to be prepared for a variety of events that are considered active attacks against others. We hope everyone will attend this meeting to be prepared for what to do in emergencies.